Don't Suffer In Silence, Make A Report.

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Hi and welcome to your SHARP (School Help Advice Reporting Page) report for Shenley Academy.

If you wish to contact Mr Jennings, Mrs. Kent or Mrs. Benham (The Safeguarding Team) then please follow on and fill in the form; you don't have to leave your details if you don't want to. 

There's some pages with links and video's on too; take a look for some help, advice and support that can help keep you, your family, our community and our school safe.

This whole system is a safe and confidential way for you to get the help that you or someone else may need.

Don't forget you can download the App so that you can contact us on the go, or even come and see us in school. If you're a little nervous, please feel free to speak to any teacher and then can come and find us for you. We have lots of way of supporting you, we just ask you to let us try, and we promise we will do our best. 



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